is not a crime!

we believe everyone is entitled to personal privacy. hosts privacy-preserving online services that are free to use, for anyone, forever.

currently, we offer a Matrix↗ server, providing free, end-to-end encrypted messaging with anyone on the Matrix platform.

to prevent abuse of the service, we audit signups manually. please email with your desired username to sign up.

to use our Matrix server, open your favorite Matrix client (such as Element↗), and set your homeserver to

server hosting isn’t free. while we will maintain all data for as long as possible, old media attachments may be eventually pruned as storage requires.

Do not use our services for content that is illegal in the State of New York, in addition to your home jurisdiction. If you have questions or problems, contact We collect IP addresses that access our sites for the sole purpose of DDoS prevention. IP databases are wiped regularly and are never associated with any other information, identifying or otherwise. All user data is stored encrypted.