welcome to https://notacri.me
this site hosts free, privacy preserving open source services.
currently, we host a matrix server at matrix.notacri.me, with delegation supported at notacri.me.
use your favorite matrix client (ex. app.element.io) and set your homeserver to https://notacri.me
please do not use this server for content that is illegal in the states of New York and Virginia, in addition to your home jurisdiction.
we collect ip addresses that visit this site for the purposes of ddos mitigation alone. all data is encrypted and not associated with any matrix accounts or other information we store.
ip addresses are cleared regularly.
media attachments will be stored for as long as possible, but due to finite disk space old attatchments may be eventually pruned. if you want to keep it, download it.
if you experience problems, please message viridivn@proton.me
the server is open to pretty much anyone who follows the rules and has common human decency. to prevent botting, just send a message to the above email with your desired username and we will create an account for you. you may also contac the owners on other platforms if you know of them.